Friday, November 2, 2012

Family Photos (Behind the scenes) and FIRST HALLOWEEN!!!!

Things have been fun, fun around the Conroy house lately. Last week we had our family photos/Cash's one year shots and this week was the BIG FIRST HALLOWEEN! We did our photos a bit early since we will be moving right after Cash's birthday, and there will be no time for photoshoots :). I also wanted to get the pictures of little Casharoo digging into his cake in his cowboy getup before his actual party. Of course his party is cowboy themed (what else?) so I just had to dress him up in a blue jean cloth diaper, cowboy boots, a bandana, and a cowprint birthday hat. One day he is going to hate me for sure! The poor babe was only three days old when I put a turkey hat on his bum bum and placed him on a platter for our family Christmas card photos. I had to end his first year with some sort of whacky getup. It may take hours to play a slideshow of all his awkward baby moments at his graduation/wedding because his parents get a kick out of torturing/dressing him up.

Of course, I stressed and stressed over what we would wear for weeks for the stupid pictures. I just had to have the perfect color palette for us. I didn't want to be matchy, matchy; but I also didn't want to look like a bunch of clowns with every color of the rainbow. The photographer said we chose the perfect colors, so I guess all my hard work paid off. I made sure to correct her by saying "I" chose the perfect colors. Frank backed me up and told her he usually wears plaid every day. That was one thing I DID NOT want. No plaid this time. I did sneak it in under his sweater so he would feel more like himself ;)

Well, the day of the photos Cash didn't take an afternoon nap (of course) so I was pretty scared about how he would behave. I was fully expecting a repeat of his newborn shots (nightmare). Gone are the days of smiling pretty, happily strolling on the beach or at a plantation. Getting pictures made now is MAJOR WORK! I don't help the situation by wearing the most uncomfortable shoes, a dress that is shorter than I would EVER normally wear chasing a toddler around, and expecting my bangs to look perfect in the Charleston wind. I also HAD to get a shot of Cash in his turkey outfit along with his suspender/bowtie outfit. I made sure to buy cowprint balloons online and have them inflated the day of; only for them to blow away in 2.5 seconds. Poor Frank was sweating to death by the end of it since it was still 80 in October, and he was wearing a sweater (so it would look like fall)!

Needless to say, when I saw what Mrs Carissa Graham came up with I was amazed. She did great. She captured my sweet family perfectly. I am so happy with the pictures. Of course, I am my own worst critic and pick myself apart in every picture, But, one thing is for men look so handsome I can hardly stand it. I just can't get over it. I see love when I look at those pictures, and that is all I wanted.

I wasn't worried one bit about getting good ones of Cash going to town on his first cake. I knew as soon as we sat that thing in front of him it would be on. And it sure was! He dug right in. My sweet friend Anna did such a great job on his cowprint cake. So thankful she helped me out. We got some shots on his daddy's hobby horse first. Frank's uncle gave him that for his first birthday. Frank refinished it for Cash's nursery when I was preggo. Cash is just now really starting to enjoy "riding" his horsey. He is so cute in those pics. He was actually reaching out to us because we had the balloons (before they blew away). So I guess they did help us get some good shots. Once that cake was in front of him he was all business. He was just slopping it up. He didn't really even touch the cake part..just played in the icing. He loved it. It was fun until he started eating dirt/leaves too. Things started to get pretty messy. I realized that I forgot a towel, and we had about five baby wipes. So, we just scooped him up in a blanket and put him in his carseat covered in icing. He had a little snack the whole ride home. He sat back there sucking on his arms the entire time. We put him right in the tub and had to wash everthing! It was a crazy, fun time!

Hair is a tad crazy, but that baby sure is cute

Old Man River


One week later the messiness continued. This time it was in the form of orange face paint and cheese snacks! I finally finished Ty and Cash's Oompa costumes the night before Halloween. Frank decided he would be an Oompa too because he couldn't wear a mask this year. Cash is a tad afraid of all things scary, so masks are probably a no go for a few years in the Conroy house. Frank as an Oompa was WAY better anyway. It was freaking hysterical. We had so, so much fun. Katherine's Veruca Salt costume and my Violet Beuregard pulled it all together. Everyone came over for pizza/halloween themed snacks before we all walked down to the neighborhood clubhouse for the parade. All the cute kiddos did a lap around the street in there costumes. It was so fun. There were so many costumes. The Willy Wonka clan was a HUGE hit! Everyone was stopping and sneaking pictures of us. Frank was loving it of course. Always loves to be the center of attention. They boys were loving eating the cheese snacks they poured into the bottom of there wagon (thanks Jackie)! It was actually the best thing. They just happily rode along sharing a little snack. The Keith/Durstine clan came too. Anna and her mom were momma/grandmomma monsters to Miller's baby monster. It was precious. Anna's dad was hilarious with a creepy mustache and wig. We weren't sure what he was supposed to be so we decided he was Heraldo. I gave him Cash's microphone and he went to town. The Malaniak's came along too. Christian was batman. He racked up big time on candy (mostly from our hosue). Frank went a little crazy with the candy purchases this year. I think he said he spent 70 bucks!!! He ran out really fast last year so he wanted to be prepared. We really only had one bag left after all that.

We walked around for a bit then headed home to bathe the orange faced/green haired babes while the guys got to hand out candy. Always on duty. That's ok though. It was the best halloween with my baby boy. I know he won't remember it, but he will at least have plenty of crazy pictures to look at. He will either think we were super awesome parents or super creepy ones (I am going with the latter). A fun time was had by all for sure!!! Sure will miss our neighborhood next Halloween (and all our friends who made this year so fun).

Cash was so freaked out by his daddy..and Ty was amazed


not a fan of the green wig

having a good ole time in the wagon

The gang..minues Jackie's fam

Monday, October 22, 2012

10 to 11 months and momma CANNOT keep up

So, since I totally missed the 10 month post I figured I would try to recap the last two months a tad before my babe is officially 11 months (TOMORROW)! How did that happen? Well, I guess I know how. We have been SUPER DUPER BUSY these days around here. Things are just going nonstop. Life goes by very fast when you don't have a minute to sit down. That is exactly why I love/need this blog. I will never be able to do daily posts (or even weekly probably), but just the once a month posts are enough for me to go back and remember the things that I so easily forget. When you are in the moment you feel like you will never forget, but you do. You forget all the sweet, simple, daily things. I need to be reminded of what life was like, and that is why I love being able to look back here.

We found out we are moving to SAN FRANCISCO!!! I feel like I am slowly realizing that it's for real. We are moving to the other side of the country. To say we were shocked when we found out would be an understatement. Of course, we knew it was a possibility since Frank put in for a position there, but I think we just had our hearts/minds made up on Boston. Well, God has a different plan. He wants us to go to California. We have actually become very excited about our next adventure. I think I am going through the emotions. At first, I was just shocked, then I was excited, and now I am becoming a bit sad. I feel like Charelston has never felt like home to us, because we knew pretty early on that we would need to move again for Frank's career. We never let ourselves get too attached because we knew we would have to leave. I don't want to do that in San Fran. I want to make it home. I don't want to talk or think about when we move again. Even if we are only there for two years, I want those two years to be the best we can make them. There is so much to do and see there, and I know we will love it. It is hard sometimes because we want to be with our family in Boston and Memphis as much as we can, but when you travel so much you don't really get to enjoy the place you live. We CANNOT do that this time. We have to set roots down and make it our home. As hard as it will be to miss weddings and celebrations back home (Boston and Memphis and now Charleston); we have to stay put long enough to make lasting friendships in California. That will be my biggest regret in saying goodbye to Charleston. I don't feel like I lived in the moment enough here. I was always thinking about what was next. When we get married, when we have a baby, when we move into a house, when we move away; that I didn't get to really enjoy the now. Now, looking back, I see all the beautiful/special memories we have made here. We had a beautiful wedding here surrounded by so many friends and family, our sweet boy was born here, and has had such a wonderful first year here; and finally, we have made some really special friendships here. From the very beginning the people here embraced Frank and I both. My friends from work jumped right in and helped me with the wedding planning, and put together a fun Bachelorette party for me. I got to go through pregnancy, and Cash's first year, with my best friend and her son. All the memories I have made with my sweet little Anna are priceless. I know we are forever friends. I have also grown close with some really great people, that have loved me like family. Jackie, Katherine, and know I love you. Thanks for making Charleston home. Our time here is dwindling, and that makes me sad. Charleston is an amazing place to live. The food, the beaches, the parks, the's Heaven. Frank and I will be visiting here regularly for family beach vacations, and I am already pushing for Cash to go to CofC one day. Thank you Charleston for being so good to us.

Now on to the second "Best Place to Visit" from the first!!! (how many people can say they have lived in number one and number two? Not too shabby!)

For now, we are living up our last few weeks, gearing up for Halloween, getting ready for the "BIG" drive across country, and planning Thanksgiving/Cash's FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH!!!

We are BUSY!!!

Cash is thriving. He such a silly/sweet boy. He decided he is a toddler this past week, and lets us know when he doesn't want to do something. He throws the most awful fits, and even shoves his little fists with frustration. Luckily, so far, we can simply distract him (most of the time) with something interesting while we put him in the carseat, stroller, change his diaper. I know those days are limited though. He is going to be very bull headed I'm afraid. His hair has gotten so long in the back, and the top is trying to catch up. He looks more and more like his daddy every day. He is HUGE!! 25.3 pounds at his last visit. He has been getting over a little funk we picked up a few weeks ago while traveling to and from Boston. He had the worst blisters in his throat, and just felt awful. Poor guy! He is so sad when he is sick. He also got a funky rash (AGIAN!) after his first flu shot. We go this week for the second, and I am hoping we don't get a repeat. Luckily, it only lasted a short time, but still no fun. Rashy Cashy is still holding strong. He loves to wave bye bye, yell dadadadadada, he only says momma when he wants me. He drinks only from a cup now, and his VERY close to walking. He will stand without assistance when he doesn't realize it. He loves to push his little walker all around. It goes pretty fast on the hardwoods so he goes down on his knees. It is so funny because he looks like munchkin man doing it. He LOVES to be chased. He looks back to see if you are coming and just zips away giggling the entire time. He has four teeth, and the bottom front one to the right is on its way in next. He still loves to eat, and also loves to throw his food to the dogs. He loves music and dancing. We sing "The Wheels on the Bus", "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", and many, many others. He does the little motions and everything. It is so cute. We like to high five, blow kisses, and clap. I can't take credit for all of this though....Cash learns most of it from Mrs Ines. She is the best.

I think that is enough. This post has gone ALL OVER THE PLACE. I will post more about Cash this week when I get his 11 month pics taken. I might even put him in his halloween getup and snap some pics too. We are taking family pictures/one year pics this week as well. I will make sure to document how that goes. Let's hope Cash behaves.

Picture DUMP!!! Trip to Boston in Sept and Oct, 10 month pics
Helping Nana and Grandpa move

Sweet nakey boy

In his Nana's backyard (her favorite place)

Auntie J

All the ladies that love him most


First time for Mommy and Cash to apple pick

Sleepy 10 month old!


more like it

trying out Miller's hobby horse

Oh my..the chub

"So BIG!"

Friday, August 3, 2012

8 months and going strong!

You are 8 months old sweet, silly boy!

Time sure is flying by! You turned 8 months at the beginning of last week. I needed to make sure I hurried up and got this post done ASAP because you are changing so much each week. Last week, you had just figured out how to REALLY crawl. You officially started crawling right before 8 months on July 20 (crazy momma, right?) You had been working up to it for so long, and finally you got it. You would kick your little legs and army crawl with your arms; then WHAM!, you put it all together and you haven't looked back since. You also got your first tooth on the bottom left. It finally popped through July 15. It seemed like it may have been bothering you the few weeks leading up to it coming through, but once it was finally at the surface you seemed fine. You are so funny licking it and feeling it all the time. We had a little mishap last week while nursing. You took a bite out of mommy! YOWZA! You didn't mean to; but Lordy me, that hurt. So now we have just been being extra careful to make sure when you are are done! No monkey business!

This week, you have taken the crawling to an entire new level! Last week, you would crawl to a toy or whatever nearby that you wanted. We would prompt you with something, and you would come! No promting is needed any longer! It is on! You are ALL OVER THE PLACE! Baby proofing has begun! I walk away and you are right behind me! Pulling the cable plug (had to cover that), in the DVD case (had to latch that), in the dog water bowls (can't leave that out)! It is crazy how fast you have become FAST! Busy boy! You are on the move!

Last week, you were sleeping in pretty late. Most days until 8 and one day it was 9:15 before I heard you. You were napping really well too. I think the new crawling was making you sleepy. You are back to getting up around 7-7:30 this week, but still a great sleeper. You will fuss in your crib or play for a while with your teddy before you are ready to get up. You are still napping twice a day and going to bed between 6:30 and 7.

Mommy is battling her decision to stop nursing vs continuing. I really want to keep nursing/pumping until you are at least 11months (because formula is so expensive); but we will see. You are needing more and more formula every day. You are such a fatty. You nurse in the AM, 11 or 12, 3 or 4 and nighttime. You also require an extra 4-6 ounces in between. Mommy has to pump twice a night as well to keep making enough. It is getting kind of hard to keep up so we will see.

You LOVE, LOVE to eat!!! LOVE IT!!! You will pretty much eat everything. Kale, quinoa, squash, brocoli, spinach, beans, avacado, you love greek yougurt, all fruits, oatmeal...anything I am eating you want! I am amazed at how much you can scarf down sometimes. There are some foods you seem to like more than others, but you have never turned anything down. Mommy doesn't give you any juice. You drink coconut water as your juice. You will drink milk through a sippy cup. We try to give all your bottles that way except your nightime one. Your sitter always gives you the cup.

You are a little momma's boy these days. You will fuss sometimes when daddy has you and mommy is around (esp when you are sleepy). You do better once you and daddy are around eachother for a while. You just laugh and smile at silly daddy all the time. I know you two are going to have a great bond!

You are still a grunting machine! It is so funny! You love to mimc us. We will do it, and you will grunt full force right back with the biggest grin. You also love to say "bababababbaba".

You seem to love music, and we are still loving Baby Einstein. It is the only way you will stay entertained for longer than 10 minutes. You love to play with that on and me sitting next to you. Makes for a long day sometimes! Ha!

You can be pretty demanding sometimes, but as long as someone is loving on you and feeding you, you are happy! We love you so much! You are the sweetest, bested baby boy in the WORLD!

It's like you just realized there is a HUGE lion in your room!

and a giraffe

sweet little hands

silly, silly boy!

goose on the loose!

representing them Tigers!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Fun Fourth

Well....actually it was a family, fun, fourth after the fourth. Frank and I scooped up Cash and headed to Atlanta to visit my brother and sis-in-law for the weekend. My sister and bestie; Nicole, met us there. We had such a good weekend being all together. We don't see my brother and his wife nearly enough. They just moved into a beautiful home. We broke it in for them for sure. We got to my brothers Thursday evening around 6. Cash was pretty ancy from being in the car for five hours. We let him play for a bit while we got settled then gave him his bath/bottle. Nicole and Taylor got there just in time to see him before he went down for the night. We ate a yummy dinner in and just hung out and chatted that night. On Friday; Nicole, Taylor, and I headed to H&M and Ikea! System overload is an understatement. Cash did great, but it it ALOT to go to both those crazy stores in one day. We had never been to an Ikea and wanted to check it out. It was more like a museum than a store! That place is for sure an all day event. The guys played golf while we shopped; and unfortuntely, Christina had to work. Everyone wanted to go to dinner, but we weren't too sure how Cash would do after shopping all day. We came home and gave him his evening bath and decided to brave keeping him up WAY passed his bedtime! He luckily did great. We kept him entertained by feeding him extra and he eventually fell asleep in his careat around 9. When we got home, Frank lifted him up out of the carseat hoping to just change his clothes and put him down for the night without waking him too much! That is NOT how things went down! Frank wasn't upstairs five minutes when I heard.."BRITTNEY, can you please come up here?" I headed up to see what he needed and he was standing in the bedroom holding screaming Cash with one hand and yelling that he had poop on him and on the bed! I took Cash to the bathroom and tried to see if I could clean him, but it was EVERYWHERE! He was mad as fire too! He was swinging his hands everywhere. He put his hand right in the poop...then.....straight to his mouth!!!! YIKES!!! I had no choice but to get in the shower with him. Poor boy must have thought he was having a nightmare! I cleaned him as quickly as I could and dressed him. As soon as I put him to bed he was out. Frank and I started to clean the mess up. I went downstairs to ask for some cleaning products and tell everyone what happened. Frank followed. We were standing on the stairs talking to everyone and I noticed POOP ON THE STAIRS!!! Gross! It was everywhere. Frank had to retrace his steps to make sure he got everything while I took the carseat apart (once again!) to be washed. We seriously have the poopiest child in the WORLD! We can't go anywhere! We felt like the Clampets destroying my brother's beautiful/child-free home! Ha!

Can't wait for these two to have a babe!

she told me I had long nose hairs!

The ladies

LOVE it!

Early morning hanging with the family!

Uncle Ben was showing Cash how to play with his new toy!

Can't wait to meet baby boy Cole

She seriously looked like the princess in Aladin..and she loved her some baby how she is fixing his shirt like a little momma

The next day we all went to my brother's friends neighborhood pool. It had a HUGE curly waterslide all of us adults had a blast going down. Cash LOVED being in the pool and being passed around all day! He was the life of the party. We couldn't have had a better day. He was out like a light that night and slept until 8:30 Sunday! Christina cooked us a delicious breakfast and we headed home. Taylor came with us and will stay for the week. It is so nice having her here. I wish so badly that we lived closer. We miss all of our family so much. These next two days kind of stink because I have to work so I can't spend much time with Tay. She gets all the time she can get with Cash though because she is keeping him while I sleep after my shifts. What a great Aunt she is!

We will get to have some fun starting Wednesday. Then Friday, Leandra will get in town for Cash's baby dedication at church. We are going to have so much fun all together! Even though we are far from eachother, we are blessed that all our family loves Cash (and us) enought to come visit regularly.

Cash is doing great and so close to crawling! He is such a nosey rosey! He is always grabbing everything and anything he can get his hands on! We just love that happy little fellar!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Mine..7 months!

I cannot believe that I am actually going to finish Cash's 7 month post before he is 8 months. I am slowly improving. I decided the other day to look back on this blog because I couldn't remember how long I have had it. I was shocked when I saw that I started it last June. Ha! I sure don't blog very much considering I think I have twenty posts in a year. It is just hard for me to sit down and do it. I wish I would because I do enjoy looking back on just a year ago. I know in twenty I will cherish this thing; but I have life to live. It sometimes goes by too fast to sit at the computer typing about it. I want to live it and be in it. So what if my blog posts are few and far between. I will try to remember all the really fun things, and post those. Some memories will just have to reside in my ole trusty noggin'. Here is to hoping I can remember what I don't write down.

So, seven months came and has gone just like the rest of them! Time just won't stop no matter how much I beg. Your Grammie and Pawpaw Marvin were here visiting you right before you turned 7 months. You were spoiled with tons of family the months of May and June. Now it is just us again! You don't like not having someone to hold you all the time, but are doing better. We had fun with your Grammie and Pawpaw. We spent Father's Day together on a boat tour around Charleston. We went to the beach and ate at yummy restaurants downtown. You were a good boy the entire time too.

You just FINALLY have gotten over a cold/cough/runny nose that I think has made you a tad fussy the past few weeks. You never ran a fever, but I could tell you didn't feel well some days because you would be a little more clingy at times. Last Wednesday, mommy noticed you would let out a little cry everytime I put your shorts on after changing you. Then, after changing you at one point, you started crying out of no where, and it seemed like your left leg was really hurting. You just held it in a floppy position and wouldn't put any weight on it. I was pretty worried because we had to get an ultrasound of that hip when you were a newborn because the doctors thought you may have had some hip displasia. The ultrasound was negative, but I was still worried. I decided to put you down for your afternoon nap and see what you were like when you woke up. I called and made an appontment ayway because I really did think we needed an xray (at least for my sanity). When you woke up, you were still acting like it was hurting so we went in. They thought because you have had the cold, but otherwise seem so healthy/happy; it is this virus called toxic synovitus. Of course something mommy has never heard of! It is actually a common thing that happens more to boys than girls. It is where fluid builds up behind the hip joint usually following a cold. It makes it sore and stiff. The only treatment is Motrin and rest. The doctor said it should go aways in 7-9 days. We went ahead and got the xrays. Luckily, they were negative. Mommy even looked at them herself at work the next night. It was so weird to see your little bones on the screen. We are still kind of worried because you will randomly cry out during a diaper change. Yesterday morning, before church, you acted like it was really bothering you. I guess it comes and goes and we will just continue the Motrin and watch it. I sure hope it is nothing else. We hate seeing you hurting.  

Otherwise, you are happy as a clam! We feel like you are finally feeling better this weekend. You were our happy/playful boy again.

What You Are Up To at Seven Months

  • Weighing in at 20.6!!! Big boy!
  • Still loving to eat..every four hour nursing plus extra bottles sometimes. You take 8 ounces when you are at the sitter and a 10 ounce bottle at night.
  • Drinking out of a sippy cup pretty well. You sometimes want your bottle instead if you aren't feeling well.
  • Mommy gives you Coconut water as your juice. It has nothing in it except coconut water/mango puree and peach puree. You and mommy both love it.
  • You still have NO TEETH! You chew on EVERYTHING and drool, drool. Who knows! I like no teeffies so I am ok with that.
  • You are a rolling and reaching machine. You are trying to crawl. You have gotten the stance down. Knees in and arms in pushup position so it is coming.
  • You prefer to sit instead of be on your tummy. You will get mad when you fall over and end up on your tummy. Hopfully that will change once you learn to crawl. For now, mommy and daddy just sit with you to play. Whenever you topple over and get mad we are there to sit you back up! Ha!
  • You are still eating us out of house and home! Mommy can't keep up with making your food! Ha! You usually take 4 cubes for lunch of veggies and meat and 4 cubes plus rice for breakfast and dinner. You love puffs and mum mums as your snacks too!
  • Poop, poop and more poop
  • Skin rashes are much better. You will get a diaper rash if too many disposable wipes have been used on you, but otherwise are good to go!
  • You are starting to "talk" again. You were not making much noise for a while, but have now started back up! We love it! You get so loud sometimes!
  • Your hair came back!! It is growing fast now! It is a blonde/dark blonde. Fuzzy little noggin!
  • You love your bath. You have so many toys in there. We put you on your tummy then flip you to your back to wash you. You don't care as long as you have a toy to play with.
  • You are starting to have to learn the word NO. You like to grab hair/faces/earrings. You are super strong so we have to tell you No when you are hurting us.
  • You grab EVERYTHING! You think everything is for you!
  • You love for us to read to you and to sing you songs. You will just watch us and sit so still.
  • We miss Nana and try to skype every Sunday at least.
Too big!

Of course I can't pick just one!

Starting to love your football

That sweet, sweet smile!

beach day with Grammie

Of course you liked watermelon

Father's Day boat ride with my loves!
You are the BEST! We LOVE you to the moon and back "stinky butt boy"